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Title: Soft Falling Rain (Part I)
Fandom: Harry Potter: Remus/Tonks
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13; none
Word Count: 5713
Summary: "In the immediate aftermath of Dumbledore’s death, there seems to be little requirement in the hospital wing for Nymphadora Tonks."
Lengthy Author's Note: Following the publication of Remus's bio, I wanted to write a story that would take them from Dumbledore's death to the wedding in Scotland, and which would be in sympathy with the information in it. That is, that they had a year of 'increasingly warm friendship', followed by nearly a year of 'barely speaking', about certain matters at least, until Remus is forced to admit the strength of his feelings. This has caused a few headaches, mostly because I've written HBP reconciliation fic before and wanted to say something new. Then it took on a life of its own, and though I could have rushed a final part to complete it, it feels like it needs at least two more - especially as I want the wedding seen through Tonks's eyes. But this isn't too bad a place to pause. ;) [ profile] shimotsuki and I have had a few recent conversations about the difficulties of finding titles; this one won't make much sense till later on.

Soft Falling Rain )
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There has been fierce competition today for the most irritating moment, and the award goes to approximately 3.10pm when I opened my pack of this year's favourite Christmas cards - because you always save those for the people who deserve them, don't you? - and found that the envelopes were fractionally too small for the cards. WHY? Suffice it to say, they are no longer my favourite cards, especially after I spent another ten minutes trying every envelope in the house to see if anyone would notice opening a card that was bouncing around in an envelope twice its size. Conclusion: yes, you certainly will. ;)

Anyway, we all need some cheer - and I'm not even mentioning the LJ attacks, except I've been trying to post this since this morning so please leave LJ alone - and I know this has been all over my f-list already but, in case you haven't seen it, it's Winterval time again. It's an event at the very friendly [ profile] pulped_fictions community, which runs from Dec. 1st to Feb. 29th. Which means there is plenty of time to take part and events designed to suit everyone, whether you have minutes or hours to spare, or simply fancy some Christmas reading, reviewing and discussions. It's a community for original fiction and art, there are three teams with the emphasis very much on having fun and challenging yourself to see what you can do, and it's frankly hard to resist events with names like Hot Chocolate, Bad Sweater and Candy Cane Pimp. Apparently someone has spotted the presents I've been buying this year.

There is still plenty of time to sign up, no worries if you can't play till January, and I'm in the mighty [ profile] snow_flakers team (we're not melters) as you'll need to say where you heard of the comm. So come and play and enjoy the holidays with us.

Click to join!
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R/T fan and reviewer/supporter/friend extraordinaire...

[ profile] sspring92!

Hope you're having a great day, Stacy. :)
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*Raises head to post fic* Worries that a quick glance at the f-list reveals the Happy Meme is back again - but I haven't done the marry/shag/cliff one yet!

Title: Days of Grace
Genre: Romance; Angst
Characters: Liss, Foix, Ferda, Ista
Ratings & Warnings: PG See summary re possible spoilers.
Word Count: 3683
Summary: Liss tried not to wince. “This won’t be like dancing in the town square, Royina. There will be many highborn ladies who aren’t still getting accustomed to wearing a pretty dress. Who don’t have sun-burned faces or sit cross-legged on walls." Set a few days after Paladin of Souls ends so *massive spoilers* if you have not read it or Chalion.
Author's Note: For [ profile] hrymfaxe, who requested Foix, Ferda and the prompt dance, and who appears to have ended up with most of my favourite characters in there as well. This took me ages to get going with and then threatened to become the world's longest ever so-called drabble. Any feedback/concrit is very welcome as it is my first attempt at this fandom, and after the initial brick wall it was so much fun. :)
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I know I owe an update on life and times of, but at the moment it'll mainly consist of how I wiped the entire weekend out by catching the lurgy that's doing the rounds here, and how things are better today but I still feel as though a Pygmy Puff could beat me in an arm wrestle right now. So an early night beckons. Meanwhile, this was finished on Friday, but tagging it proved far too difficult until today. If you think that's sad, you should see the 'drabble' I attempted to write for Meta this afternoon, and which has now been abandoned pending the appearance of a brain...

Title: For the Sake of the Daughter
Genre: General; angst
Ratings & Warnings: PG - mild swearing
Word Count: 2145
Summary: It’s strange to be so afraid of someone you’ve always liked. Even harder when your daughter’s smile comes easily again, and the inner calm and resourcefulness is back in her eyes after months of strain.
Author's Note: For [ profile] tegdoh, who requested Remus/Tonks and the prompt thaw. It became very much an Andromeda fic along the way as well, which I hope you don't mind. This is set about a week or so after the end of HBP. Feedback is always very much appreciated. :)

And before I forget again, anyone looking for a new community to join or read fics at, might like to check out [ profile] fandomfusion, run by [ profile] train_lindz and [ profile] duck_or_rabbit. They're currently running a Harry Potter genfic event, with a whole host of great prompts just waiting for an owner, and it's well worth a look.

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I seem to be churning these out at a slightly less than a hectic pace, but here's another one biting the dust. Not literally, I hope. ;)

Title: Crossing Lines
Genre: General
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13
Word Count: 2479
Summary: Merlin thinks he’s really got the idea here, all right – put the annoying servant on the brute of a horse to teach him leaving Arthur’s favourite boots lying forgotten on the wrong side of the door to his rooms is a never-to-be-repeated mistake.
Author's Note: For [ profile] ladybracknell, who requested Merlin/Arthur and the prompt chance. I hope this doubles as a belated birthday fic and that you enjoy it. I'm not quite sure where this fits into the TV series timewise, but I was thinking of towards the end. Oh, and you may have to forgive me all the horsey stuff, but it is an essential part of the plot. Honest! Feedback is always appreciated. :)
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Am just about to turn LJ off until next Saturday - OMG! - but here's another drabblefic. Please let me know if you spot any typos, errors, or complete gobbledegook as I have done the quickest read-through of all time which isn't inspiring confidence, lol.

Title: Introductions
Genre: General; angst
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13 Mild language and unsavory implications.
Word Count: 1885
Summary: The way it was described, it was a positive paradise for werewolves, one where magic was rarely used or talked about. But has Remus any idea what he’s up against? Set during HBP.
Author's Note: For [ profile] duck_or_rabbit, who wanted Remus, Greyback and the prompt Joined hands. This has a decidedly Welsh theme, probably because I’ve been working on some original ideas that tie in with a couple things here.

There's also two recs if you're on the lookout for things to read on a Sunday afternoon:

Past Presents and Present Moments by [ profile] godricgal, which is Remus/Tonks, R rated, romance set in the Ducking verse.
Class by [ profile] chococoffeekiss, which is the Marauders and McGonagall, rated E for everyone, and very, very funny.

And now the good news is that's it from me for a week!:D
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So, have I mentioned my holiday recently?:D

The PHC (Pre Holiday Crap) is going quite well, so I'm hoping it's going to be a good one. Mr. Gilpin came home from work and went straight to bed as he feels atrocious, the toilet is currently flushing like Niagra Falls (I know that's probably good in a loo, but it seems increasingly reluctant to stop), a strange cat attempted for the second time to break in through the cat flap today, and I haven't packed a thing yet or wrapped a birthday present for the soon-to-be birthday boy. Oh, and there's been mention of snow, early next week in parts of Britain, and particularly in the Lake District, lol.

Anyway, I'm ignoring all this because all will be well. Unlike in that book with the daft epilogue.

And I've been writing drabbles or as I like to call them, fics that were once meant to be drabbles. I'm hoping to get a couple more posted before I disappear for my snow week but this was the first done and it mentions Christmas, so I sort of feel I should get it posted before March...

Title: The Sign of the Scarf
Genre: Humour
Ratings & Warnings: PG
Word Count: 1817
Summary: All Christmas scarves are simply a gift to keep out the cold. Aren’t they?
Author's Note: For [ profile] katyscarlett76, who requested Remus/Tonks and the prompt scarf.

Happy weekend to all.
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Title: Into the Blue
Genre: Romance, lots of.
Rating & Warnings: PG
Word Count: 2,645
Summary: “Walk with me?” he asked, and the smile widened as he saw she remembered that those were almost the first words he’d ever said to her. Remus has arranged a very special day for Tonks… Set at the end of HBP.
Author’s Notes: A birthday fic for [ profile] chococoffeekiss:D, which has done its level best to be delayed in time for her next one. I lost half of it due to a power cut the other night, and doing it again seemed to make it increase greatly in length. Anyway, I hope you like it, and the choice of subject matter…
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I owe so many things - like fics, reviews of fics, review replies to fics, any fic things I haven't covered but probably owe anyway, news posts and New Year greetings. The catch-up post will have to wait a little longer, but I have owed this birthday drabble to [ profile] katyscarlett76 for far too long.

Title: A Very Proper Wife
Author: [ profile] gilpin25
Rating: G
Format & Word Count: Drabble(ish), 200 words
Summary: It struck her then how unequal their knowledge of each other was.
Author's Notes: For the lovely [ profile] katyscarlett76, who requested a Brandon/Marianne drabble, for the prompt dance. This is my first ever attempt at the world of Jane Austen and am not sure how I feel about the result, though the long sentences were at least familiar, lol. Feedback is always appreciated, if only to tell me to quit at one... ;)

A Very Proper Wife )

Back soon, hopefully with another birthday fic if I can get it to behave.
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Title: For the Greater Good
Genre: General; humour
Word Count: 2900
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
Summary: “He means you’re the free one.” Sirius smirked. “The one everyone doesn’t suspect because you’re the good boy." Remus really can't believe how hard it is nowadays to get a decent detention...
Author's Note: A long-promised birthday fic for [ profile] shimotsuki, who asked for the Marauders and the prompt detention. She also inadvertently gave me an idea when I badly needed an ending, for which many thanks and please don't sue me. I'm not sure if this was what you had in mind (I once had in mind about 500 words max., but then I've since long given up counting), but I hope it's enjoyable as it was fun to write. :)

For the Greater Good
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If anyone fancies a Friday afternoon/evening fic to read, I happen to have one handy. I can honestly say it's taken me months to write this, in between decorators, holidays, bad shoulders and procrastination, and if I take as long with my Meta one there may be trouble ahead...

Title: Under Cover of Darkness
Characters: Charlie, Tonks, Remus
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
Word Count: 3865
Summary: Tonks was shaking her head. “I think one day someone will come along and I’ll – I’ll be so bowled over from lack of practice and by him, that my only chance of surviving it all is if he’s the same.”
Author’s Notes: I seem to have been writing this for about two months on and off, mostly off. It was inspired by the lovely [ profile] hrymfaxe and her request for a fic about Charlie and the prompt ‘eclipse’. This was intended to be much shorter and a less angsty, rather different story, but the characters seemed to have ideas of their own and… I let them have their way. Hopefully, I shouldn’t have stuck with Plan A. ;)

If you don't fancy that, I can offer a filmstar meme I've nabbed from [ profile] enomis57. I'm not too sure about this as I couldn't make up my mind between two answers, and now I'm thinking I should have gone for the other one as I sound so much fun! Still, the pet peeves made me laugh as did the fact that it's quite true, I really wouldn't like a bulldozer to come on to me. But would anyone?!

I is Gracie! )

Hope you all have a good weekend!:D
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A Very Happy Birthday to [ profile] jesspallas! to whom, amongst many other favourite fics, I shall always be eternally grateful for writing A Little More Time and thus enabling me to discuss DH in a reasonably sane manner. ;)

Hope you had/are having a great day!:D
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Am about to run round and throw more things in a suitcase as Mr Gilpin's idea of "Let's travel light" is plainly ridiculous, but before I set off at some unreasonable hour in the morning, I've posted a farewell fic for some people who have birthdays while I'm away, and anyone else who wants a surfeit of R/T fluff.

Title: The Little Bear Cub
Ratings & Warnings: Mostly PG-13, but I’ve bumped it up to R for one bit, and, er, birth pains… Should I warn against an excess of fluff? It's R/T; they deserve some!
Word Count: 5409
Summary: He’s always loved her; it was peace of mind for them both that was the fight. And she couldn’t bear it if their child made that fall apart again. It's April, it's Deathly Hallows, and there's a baby coming...
Author’s Note: Dedicated to my friends, the wonderful [ profile] mrstater and [ profile] godricgal, who both rashly chose to have their birthdays when I’m away on holiday. Or the other way round. ;) My idea of an early Happy Birthday!fic might appear to be slightly eccentric at the start, but, trust me – at least, I think, and hope you should. I’ll apologise in advance for any errors; I’d have liked another week day on this to edit it properly. Enjoy your birthdays.:D

And some farewell messages:

[ profile] shimotsuki My holiday reading book is Making Money. I'm no longer #8, am I? ;)

[ profile] katyhasclogs Sounds great to me.:D Sorry I didn't get chance to reply.

[ profile] hrymfaxe Yours is the one fic I ran out of time to type up. I'm sorry, but I took you at your word that you'd had the drabble, and it was either type it up or go on holiday with no clothes at all! But I'll be back...

Hope everyone has a good week.:D Nobody beat me at Word Scraper while I'm gone...
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I'll have to make this brief as the shoulder is still playing up and looking forward to five, keyboard free days in Ambleside (it's been a while since I mentioned my holiday next week, right?;)) nearly as much as I am. Though another encounter with shot-putter lady physio on Tuesday, where I swear she knelt on me at one point, and I and the bed winced and flattened as one, did improve things to the extent that I've been limping slowly along, mixing my metaphors, and gradually typing up some birthday fics...

Here be the first. It's for [ profile] sspring92, with my belated good wishes. I've rather failed completely with your prompt, but hope you enjoy it all the same.:D

Title: Inner Spaces
Genre: General, with a dash of romance.
Rating & Warnings: PG
Word Count: 1049
Summary: In the six weeks since they’d met (not that she was counting), she’d learnt that he spent a lot of time sat behind the great oak desk, surrounded by piles of curling parchment and slowly melting candles. Remus and Tonks discover the power of the written word.

Hope everyone else is okay; the intention is to catch up on posts, and outstanding reviews and replies as soon as I can turn cartwheels. Which'll be interesting, as I never could turn them when both arms did work. ;)
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to [ profile] molly_coddles!
Hope you've had/are having a great day.:D
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Best Wishes to [ profile] sspring92!

Hope you're having a great day.:D


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